Interesting things from The Grand Tour – Season 2, Episode 5

Here is a list of some interesting facts about the latest fifth episode of the second season of The Grand Tour.

Here is a list of some interesting facts about the latest fifth episode of the second season of The Grand Tour.

Test of toys by Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond’s toys test was filmed in Dubai immediately after the last tent recording of season 1.

Shopping mall

The place where Richard Hammond takes his Ripsaw shopping is The Dubai Mall, claimed to be the biggest shopping mall in the world.

The damaged wall was „built” for the material.

Suspension of tank

The Ripsaw EV2 has up to 16 inches of suspension travel. A Range Rover has a mere 12 inches.


In this episode Jeremy Clarkson describes Richard Hammond as a „nincompoop”, a word dating from the 17th century which means „small idiot in a little tank”.

Volkswagen has more power than Ferrari

When James May says the latest VW Golf GTI has more power than a 1980s Ferrari, he’s not wrong. 2-liter R4 engine in Golf GTI (with optional Performance Pack) has 242 horsepower. A 1980s Ferrari 308 GTB quattrovalvole made 237 horsepower from 2.9-liter V8.

James May: Small Car Fan

James May is quite the fan of small, moderately fast hatchbacks. He once described the Citroen AX GT of the 1980s as the best car he has ever driven.

Lap comment for Volkswagen Up!

The commentary for the Up GTI lap had to be re-recorded because during the original version Richard and James kept making rude asides over the top.


The car Jeremy uses in his Farmkhana film is a 2006 model year Subaru Impreza WRX STi. It has a 2.5-litre turbocharged „Boxer” four-cylinder engine making 276 horsepower. It can go from 0-62 in 5.2 seconds and has a top speed of 158mph.

Modifications in Impreza WRX STi

Non-standard parts on Jeremy’s Farmkhana Subaru include a hydraulic handbrake, uprated suspension, and a big knob behind the wheel.

Location of Farmkhana

The Farmkhana film was shot on an actual farm near Rye, in East Sussex.

Annoyed director

The grumpy man in a cap in the Farmkhana film is Grand Tour series director, Phil Churchward, sometimes known as „Happy Phil” because of his breezy demeanour.

The most expensive recordings of the season

The Farmkhana film is one of the most expensive items in this season of the Grand Tour, mainly due to all the things Jeremy damaged.

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